The dynamic large format laser marking machine-Angelina

The dynamic large format laser marking machine

Laser marking machine is popular in the market.

Among them, most of the customers ask for the dynamic format laser marking machine.

Do u learn about this type marking machine?
This passage will give some details of it.

Whatever u learn it or not, it will bring u some understanding.

1.The main features of dynamic large format laser marking machine

On the one hand, it is the marking speed.

The maximum marking speed  is 7000mm / s  .

Therefore it is high-speed galvanometer scanning.

Secondly,this equipment is stable.

It uses  fully enclosed optical path, imported CO2 RF laser.

Besides, it is under strict protection control design to ensure the stability of the overall equipment.

Thirdly,the equipment is simple.

What’s more,its special control software is compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, Photoshop and other software output.

In order to achieve the text symbols, graphic images, bar code, two-dimensional code, serial number auto-automatic scheduling and editing.

By the way,it supports PLT, PCX , DXF, BMP, JPG and other file formats.

At last, it is the dynamic focus function.

Besides,the user can adjust the movement of the lens and focus the distance between the lens .

So that it can achieve a different marking plane switching, ranging from 200mm × 200mm to 750mm × 750mm marking format.

2.Applicable materials and industry applications of laser marking machine

As we know,CO2 dynamic focusing laser marking machine is widely used in leather, clothes.

And fabric on the graphics marking, large-scale leather carving cutting, acrylic material cutting.

Large format wood crafts on the graphic markings, and other non-metallic materials marking cutting.

Whatever,Large format laser marking machine equipment is applicable for many materials.

For example, it applicable to most non-metallic materials, such as leather, cloth, wood, bamboo, paper, organic materials, acrylic and so on.

Besides,dynamic large format laser marking machine equipment could also apply to many indsutry

Such as glasses industry, leather products, clothing industry, wood products industry, technology gifts, packaging industry.

3.Dynamic large format laser marking machine equipment parameters

Model Specification XTL-FL1390 / 1325/6080

The laser wavelength was 10.64 μm

Laser power 1. CO2 type :10w ~ 100w optional 2. Fiber type:10-50w optional

Marking range 1300 × 900mm 1300*2500mm 600*800mm Can be customized

Marking speed ≤ 7000mm / s

Mark the smallest character> 0.3mm

Repeat accuracy 0.003mm

Cooling method of circulating water cooling

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