Ear tag fiber laser marking machine-Tulsa

Ear tag fiber laser marking machine

Ear tag fiber laser marking machine

That has been a trend in the field of ear tag marking.

Today, gun owners continue to want pieces with artistic flair. Engravers are turning to laser engraving systems to do the special work. Fiber Laser Engraving system has improved the capabilities for the firearms industry.

The Fiber Laser Engraving can be used for customization of firearms. it becomes big business in the retail markets. Especially with the government rules on gun. the firearms industry has found laser engraving technology to be a great solution for engraving on guns.

Ear tag fiber laser marking.

The serial number must be on the ear tag or receiver. Other information that needs,also can engrave on the ear tag like the caliber or gauge. the name of the company, the model ,the LOGO,and the city and state.

This information can go on the frame, receiver, barrel or slide of the gun. Engraving the lower receiver is usually the best option cause without needing to re-engrave the piece.

A variety of textures, depths, and shadings from black to white are no problem. This software allows the user to import an image from many different graphics . And CAD file types. then separate areas of the image into regions. Each region can then have a texture, depth or shading applied to it as easy as “coloring in a coloring book.»

Laser engraving is a great tool for many different materials including.  aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, copper, iron, brass, exotic metals . and composites. Images can be engraved before or after custom coating

Following with the firearms engraving samples:

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