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Fiber laser cleaning machine application

What are the main applications of laser cleaning technology? What is the main method of laser cleaning? Here,we will briefly analyze the application and main methods of fiber laser cleaning machine.

Application of laser cleaning technology

Firstly, mold cleaning:

With a laser cleaning machine, it is very flexible to use. Since the laser cleaning method can make the fiber touch to the dead corner of the mold for cleaning. it is very convenient to use.

Since rubber does not vaporize, it does not generate toxic gases.which affects the safety of the working environment. People widely use Laser cleaning tire mold technology in the European and American tire industry. Although the initial investment cost is high.We can avoid the benefit of saving standby time . and we avoid the mold damage and work safety .

Secondly, cleaning weapons and equipment:

We also widely use Laser cleaning technology in weapon maintenance. Laser cleaners can quickly remove rust and contaminants and automatically clean them. The use of laser cleaning not only has a higher degree of cleanliness than the chemical cleaning process.but also has little damage to the surface of the object.

Thirdly, the aircraft old paint cleaning:

We also have already used Laser cleaners in the aerospace industry. The surface of the aircraft needs to be repainted after a while. The traditional mechanical coating method is easy to damage the metal surface of the aircraft, posing a hidden danger to safe flight.


Cleaning videos FYI

Pls check these videos to learn more about fiber laser cleaning machine application:


In the next article,we will continue to introduce other side of  fiber laser cleaning machine application.

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