Fiber laser cleaning machine solution-ivy

Fiber laser cleaning machine solution

Now fiber laser are used widly in most industry . Especially metal industry. And fiber laser is also used in cut, mark ,weld work.

Today introduce the new application.  The cleaning work  with fiber laser source.

1. Why choose laser cleaning machine solution?

There are variety of cleaning methods nowadays. The chemical and mechanical methods. Recently the new laser cleaning method. Has become more and more popular already.

Because of the traditional method. Has some bad affect on the environment. So because of the law limits. Also the awareness of environment protection.

We have to consider how to find cleaner. Which is not damaging, cleaning methods. Because the  laser cleaning has no grinding. Also non-contact, no heat effect .  suitable for a variety of materials such as cleaning characteristics. It  is consider  to be the most reliable and most effective solution.

2.Laser cleaning machine solutions-applications

Shipbuilding Auto Parts Rubber Moulds.  High-end Machine Tool Tire Mould

Besides track Environmental Protection Industry.  Weaponry Industry Nuclear Power Industry and Others

The laser removal of paint                             Laser degreasing

Laser removal oxide layer                        Laser cleaning screw

Laser Derusting                                        Laser Cleaning Welds

A metal surface rust

B And surface paint removal paint treatment

C Then surface oil, stains, dirt cleaning

D Besides surface coating, coating removal

E And welding/spraying surface pretreatment

F stone surface dust and attachment removal

G rubber mold residue cleaning

Because of laser Cleaning The traditional cleaning industry has a variety of cleaning methods.

So mostly using chemical agents and mechanical methods for cleaning.

Besides under the increasingly stringent environmental protection regulations in China.

Then the types of chemicals that can use in industrial production . Also the cleaning will become less and less.

So how to find a cleaner and non-invasive.  cleaning method is a problem we have to consider.

And laser cleaning is characterize  by non-abrasive.  non-contact, non-thermal effects and objects suitable for various materials.

Besides it is considere as the most reliable and most effective solution.

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