Fiber laser cutter for film coating metal:Charry

Fiber laser cutter for film coating metal

Fiber laser cutter for film coating metal

1.For film metal cutting:

Fiber laser cutter for film coating metal

The first and the second one is for two steps cutting,the third one is for one time cutting.
So why some need pre-cut? some need one time cut?
It depends on the film viscosity and thickness, if the viscosity and thickness is enough,then do not need pre-cut.

After you get your machine, engineers will come to your factory for machine training and installation,then they will check the film,and teach you how to adjust the cutting parameters.

2.For the differences between the Raycus and IPG: 

Item Raycus Laser Source IPG laser source
Laser beam quality The laser beam of IPG is smaller than Raycus,that means when you to cut smaller components,IPG cutting effect will be better.But from 500w to 1500w,its almost the same.
When comes to high laser power, like 2000w, 3000w and more, the IPG laser source laser spot quality is better than Raycus, that’s why for 2000w and more we suggest IPG laser source.
Laser energy From 500w to 1500w,if the same laser power,the laser enengy of Raycus and IPG is almost the same But when over 2000w,the smae laser power,IPG will have a higher laser energy.
For example,Raycus have 2200w,this is equal to IPG 2000w,like IPG 3000w,Raycus is 3300w.
Failure checking There is Serial Port Line on Raycus laser source, the same function as Ethernet to IPG laser source, for laser fault checking. There is a Ethernet on IPG laser source, which is for failure checking, connect the laser source to a computer, can check the laser source fault.
Original China
Raycus laser source is the best brand in China, now also famous in oversea market
Germany brand, the most popular one in market, can be No.1 in laser source field

So after the comparison,you will know that,if you choose a 1500w,Raycus or IPG ,both are okay,but you know,except the quality cost,the brand value,we import the IPG from Germany,we need pay the importing tax and shipping freight ,thats also the reason for IPG higher price.

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