How to prevent dewing of fiber laser cutter generator-Anne

How to prevent dewing of fiber laser cutter generator

SO In hot summer, fiber laser cutter generator is easy to dew because of  the frequent rainfall. Under this circumstances,its performance will reduce. Customers must pay attention to preventing this phenomenon when using fiber laser cutter.

So what does dewing mean?

Dewing is a physical phenomenon.It will appear when the temperature of object surface is lower than its surroundings.

There are a few ways to avoid dewing.

※If the fiber laser cutter generator is installed in an environment without air conditioning,configuring a separate air-conditioned room.

※If the fiber laser cutter generator  install in an environment with air conditioning, keeping refrigeration temperature of the air conditioning is consistent with the cooling water temperature.

※Add an evaporator between the gas source and the processing head, keep the gas temperature close to the ambient temperature.

Although dewing cannot avoid ,we must remind everyone to minimize the temperature difference between the operating environment and the cooling temperature.

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