Fiber laser cutter introduction–by XT Laser Wendy

Fiber laser cutter introduction– by XT Laser Wendy

1. Applicable industry and material:

Application Materials: Fiber laser cutter equipment is suitable for metal cutting. And then such as like Stainless Steel Sheet. Mild Steel Plate. Carbon Steel Sheet. Alloy Steel Plate. Spring steel Sheet. Iron Plate. Galvanized Iron,. Galvanized Sheet. Aluminum Plate. Copper Sheet. Brass Sheet. Bronze Plate. Gold Plate. Silver Plate. Titanium Plate. Metal Sheet. Metal Plate. Then tubes and Pipes. etc.


Application Industries: Fiber laser cutter are widely used in manufacture Billboard. Such as Advertising. Signs. Signage. Metal Letters. LED Letters. Kitchen Ware. Advertising Letters. Sheet Metal Processing. Metals Components and Parts. Ironware. Chassis. Racks & Cabinets Processing. Metal crafts. Metal art ware. Elevator panel cutting. Hardware. Auto parts. Glasses Frame. Electronic Parts. Then Nameplates and etc.

2. Installation,training and after sales service

2.1 Installation

After the machine reach the buyer’s site. Then the engineers from the seller are responsible for machine installation. And then commissioning by using the special tools under the help of the buyer. And then start training the workers. The buyer will be responsible for the round-trip air tickets. Accommodation,safe in buyer’s country.

2.2 Training

The common protection knowledge of laser safety.

The basic principle of laser module. And then the structure of laser cutting machine.

The operation skills of fiber laser cutting machine.

Equipment operation and the application notice.

Skills of equipment daily maintenance. laser module adjustment and spare parts replacement.

Training time is about 5 to 10 days.

Then XT Laser company video introduction:

2.3. After sales service

  1. 5 years warranty
  2. Life-long maintenance
  3. In the warranty period. if it break down or some parts damaged.(Except the human factors and then the factors of force majeure). Then the seller should be responsible for repair for free. Then the parts need to be replaced will be provided from seller for free(Except the quick-wear part).
  4. After the warranty period expired. Then the buyer only need to pay the actual maintenance cost.
  5. XT Laser will pay a return visit all customers for several times one year. And then will provide technical support service anytime. And then also provide spare parts anytime the buyer want.
  6. After sales service response time: quick response within 8 working hours. Also after receive the repair call. Then our after sales engineer will reply as soon as possible.


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