Fiber laser cutter operation fault solving:Charry

Fiber laser cutter operation fault solving

Fiber laser cutter operation fault solving.

Firstly.Turn on the power to see the jitter appear on that axis, the car is still a beam, disconnect one axis power supply to test whether the motor and driver of the other axis are faulty. Tests can be exchanged to find out if the problem exists in the motor or the drive.

Secondly.Push the car to see if there is any friction or shaking. If the slider gap is too large, you need to replace the laser slider.

Thirdly.The laser cutting machine is in the correct direction when it is reset, but at the end point, the car or the beam cannot stop and hit the machine. Check if the motherboard parameters are incorrect. The sensor is broken or the sensor is damaged and the magnet is in a reasonable position.

Fourthly.Shut down the car and the beam by hand to see if there is any resistance. If there is a blocker, remove or arrange it, and check if the left tensioner is tight.

Fifthly.Check if the timing belt, the optical head, the blow pipe, and the drag chain are stuck.

Sixthly.If the reset of the laser cutting machine driver is not normal, you should first check whether the parameter settings are correct. By changing the motherboard parameters, you can solve the problem of abnormal reset.

Seventhly.Check whether the beam is seriously offset. The left and right sides should not be larger than 2MM. Check whether the support wheels on both sides are damaged or not.

Finally.with a resistor row model, to measure resistance. If the resistance is not correct, replace the resistor row.

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