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In metal design industry, metal cutting equipment is very important for them. Plasma cutting machine as one traditional metal cutting equipment, it have wide application in metal cutting field. Especially in thick plate cutting, it have large advantage. Compared with plasma, metal fiber laser cutter is one new technology for metal cutting. its advantage is in thin plate cutting, especially less then 10mm.

 Plasma Cutter

Plasma cutting machine have large advantage then metal fiber laser cutter in thick plate cutting, check follow information about its main advantage.

  • Operation of one or more burners according to the series
  • Cutting of all electrically conductive materials
  • Without alternatives for cutting high-alloy steel and aluminum materials in medium and larger thickness
  • Excellent performance in small and medium -sized thickness of construction steel (30 mm)
  • Cutting of high-strength construction steel with lower heat input
  • High cutting speeds (up to 10 times higher than autogenous)
  • Any processing of high-quality cut in medium size and thick sheet metal with turbulent gas technology in conjunction with technical gases
  • Very good automation
  • Plasma cutting under water for very small heat affecting of the material to be cut and low noise level around the workplace
Metal fiber laser cutter
Metal fiber laser cutter

Metal fiber laser cutter

As the newest metal cutting equipment, metal fiber laser cutter have special advantage.

    • High precision of cut parts in small and medium thicknesses of materials
    • Cutting of very small holes, narrow strips, sharp-angled shapes, production of complex contour parts
    • Rectangular cutting edge
    • Very good automation
    • Very little amount of heat brought, no deformation of the machined object
    • A very small kerf width (0.2 – 0.4 mm)
    • High speed cutting of thin materials

Of course, metal fiber laser cutter also have many disadvantage such as large gas consumable and limited cutting thickness. 1000w fiber laser cutter can only cut 5mm stainless steel and 10mm carbon steel. For the high-reflective material, the cutting capacity is much more low.

But these disadvantage don’t influence metal fiber laser cutter become the most popular metal cutting equipment. If you want to learn more on it feel free to contact me.

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