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Why fiber laser cutter protective lens has water mist

Auxiliary gas is indispensable in cutting process of fiber laser cutting machine! Why fiber laser cutter protective lens has water mist?

Oxygen and nitrogen are commonly used. And of course, the higher the purity of the gas, the better the quality of the cutting. There are many customers want to save costs, using air cutting, but in the cutting process, always protect the lens of water mist, cutting quality is very poor, this is why? XT LASER talks about the reason why the fiber laser cutter protects the lens from water mist.

First of all, first of all, to popularize the role of auxiliary gas:

1. In order to blow off the residual slag, to achieve the best cutting effect.
2. Use gas to blow the metal slag and protect the lens at the same time, avoid slag sticking on the lens, and affect the quality of cutting.
3. Can effectively achieve the cutting surface smooth, no burr, no slag hanging effect, belongs to the fine cutting.
4. Can react with materials, increase the cutting speed, such as using oxygen can achieve the effect of combustion.
Therefore, in order to achieve a better cutting effect, the requirements of auxiliary gas is relatively high! Although the air can be used as auxiliary gas, but because the air contains water and oil, if not treated, will cause pollution of the lens, cutting head instability, so that the cutting effect and quality is not up to standard. Therefore, in the use of air cutting, the need for fiber laser cutting machine equipped with cold dry machine, which will be a good solution to this problem. Cold and dry compressed air can be cooled to the following requirements of the dew point temperature, which contains a lot of water vapor, oil mist condenses into droplets, through gas-liquid separation, discharged from a water machine, so that the compressed air drying.

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