The comparison of fiber laser ,water jet and plasma-Ella

fiber laser cutting machine, waterjet cutting machine, plasma cutting machine

fiber laser cutting is currently widely used in the sheet metal processing industry, where the laser cutting speed and precision is high. It has absolute advantages in the cutting of medium-thin plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel and other metal plates.

①Water cutting and laser cutting:
fiber laser cutting equipment has a large investment.
Most of them are most for the cutting of medium-thin steel plates and some non-metallic materials.
The cutting speed is high and the precision is high.
In addition, some materials are not ideal for laser cutting, such as aluminum, copper and alloys.
Especially for the cutting of thicker metal plates, the cutting surface is not ideal or even cut.
At present, research on high-power laser generators is trying to solve the cutting of thick plates,
but the cost of equipment investment, maintenance, and operation consumption are also considerable.
The water cutting investment is small, the running cost is low.
The cutting material has a wide range and the efficiency is high, but the precision is low.
However, the fiber laser cutting speed is faster and more accurate than the water cutting.
Waterjet cutting for non-metallic materials, copper, aluminum and stainless steel 10 mm or more under the processing.
水刀切割,激光切割,等离子切割 的图像结果
water jet cutting machine
fiber laser cutting machine
fiber laser cutting
②fiber laser cutting and plasma cutting
Plasma cutting has obvious thermal effect, low precision.
It is not easy to perform secondary processing on the cutting surface,but it can cut thick plates.
The laser cutting can only cut the thin plate, the laser cutting surface is smooth and the precision is high.
Generally, no need of secondary processing , and the cutting speed is faster than the plasma.
Plasma has a low demand or more than 20 steel plate processing.
水刀切割,激光切割,等离子切割 的图像结果
plasma cutting machine
Compared with other cutting methods, laser cutting has some advantages in the cutting of molds and has mechanical processing.
For some sheet metal parts, the punching and shearing method can be adopted,
which has high efficiency, high speed, low cost but requires special molds and tools, and can only punch and shear the thinnest sheet.
The fiber laser cutting is flexible.The punching process will be difficult to achieve.
Flame cutting is also a common cutting process in the metal field. The thickness range of cutting is very large.
However, comparing with laser cutting, the quality and accuracy of the cutting surface are poor,
but it is larger for the thick plate and the processing range than laser cutting.
④Summary: Laser cutting speed and cutting accuracy is higher.But the equipment is expensive.
Waterjet cutting: The cutting speed is slow but faster than wire cutting, but the cut cutting section is not very good.
Plasma: poor cutting accuracy, single-cut thick plate.

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