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Maintenance of Air Compressor in Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

An air compressor is a device used to compress gases. It is a device for converting the mechanical energy of a prime mover (usually a motor) into gas pressure energy, and a pressure generator for compressed air. Air compressor is an integral part of fiber laser cutting machine system. The following are the maintenance and maintenance of its main components.

  • 1.Air filter. In general every 500 hours to clean air filter surface dust impurities, every 2000 hours to check whether it needs to be replaced. The inspection or replacement cycle may be determined by reference instruction on the level of dust
  • 2.Inlet valve seal. To check the condition of the sealing ring for every 4000 hours of work in the air compressor of the laser cutting machine, replace it if necessary.
  • 3.Compressor lubricating oil. Replace lubricating oil every 4000 
  • 4.Oil filter. Change every 2000 
  • 5.Oil vapor separator. Need to change every 4000
  • 6.Pressure valve. Clean every 4000 hours and check that the open pressure is normal.
  • 7.Relief valve. Check for sensitivity every 4000
  • 8.Fuel outlet valve. Discharge water and dirt every 2000 hours.
  • 9.Drive belt. Adjust the tightness every 2000 hours, check the wear condition every 4000 hours, and decide whether to change according to the wear condition.
  • 10.Motor maintenance. Maintenance according to motor usage

In order to make the air compressor of laser cutting machine run normally, XT LASER reminds you to draw up the detailed maintenance plan, execute the fixed person operation, regularly maintain, check and maintain regularly, make the air compressor group keep clean, oil free, no

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