What should we pay attention to cutting round hole of laser cutting machine-Anne

What should we pay attention to cutting round hole of laser cutting machine

More and more enterprises begin to use laser cutting hole, because the laser processing of flexibility and high efficiency .

500W fiber laser cutting machine idle speed of 90 meters per minute cam meet needs of high-speed cutting

in addition, the hole section of the laser processing is more smooth,

the hole diameter can also modify the infinite, meet the diverse needs of the factory.


However, with a laser cutting machine processing hole is not very simple, but need some skills.

Let the laser engineers give you analysis of the reasons and matters needing attention


Not suitable for air blowing of fiber laser cutting machine

The blowing process, when the pressure is too small will appear scraping the edge of slag, carbonization.

the pressure is too large and easy to burst holes.So this requires process proofing division and machine perfect fit, with experience to select the appropriate pressure.so that the cutting hole is more full.

Circular hole is too small of fiber laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine cutting hole is the best option hole ratio of 1:1, that is to say the proportion of pore size and thickness is 1:1.

of course,this ratio means that the bigger the aperture is, the easier it is to cut the high quality round hole.

Otherwise, when the energy of the fiber laser cutting machine is insufficient, the cutting hole is easy to break out of the breakpoint and the circular hole is not round.


Servo motor parameter error of fiber laser cutting machine

Sometimes there will be a hole elliptic or irregular phenomenon,this is related to the mismatch of XY axis motion.

The direct cause of XY does not match the motion parameters of the servo motor is not appropriate adjustment.

Therefore, the quality of cutting round hole also has certain requirements for servo motor.

Precision error of guide rail and lead screw of fiber laser cutting machine

If the servo motor parameter error affects the cutting quality, then the precision error of the guide rail and lead screw will lead to the accuracy of the circular hole can not reach the expected.

So it is very important to choose high quality with Premium Brands .

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