Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Choose Details Question-Tulsa

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Choose Details Question-Tulsa

Because of more and more industry need fiber laser cutting machine, we received more and more inquiry of this.

From all over the world, many countries and area, with different demand.

According to different cutting demand, we will suggest suit machine and power.

But, do you know many details question will have effect in choose fiber laser cutting machine.

If not, please follow us to know more.

Let us introduce any fiber laser cutting machine choose details question.

No.1 Voltage

As we all known, some countries voltage is 110v, and the other countries voltage is 220v.

Voltage is a very important question in fiber laser choose question.

Because you can not use if machine voltage not suit, and cost will very much.

So we will check your country voltage when you choose us, so that it can suit voltage well in your country.

Because we know that voltage is very important in fiber laser cutting machine choose details question.

No.2 Temperature of fiber laser cutting machine choose details question

Many clients will ask this question, the temperature in their area, why will effect macine work?

Actually, temperrature is a important question to effect your machine, too.

For Example, our body temperature is 36, if temperature too high, we wil sick.

So , do you understand, if the temperature is too high in clients area, machine will broken, too.

Perhaps you will ask, if the area is too hot, client can not buy this machine?

Of course not, because we will suggest independent control box.

Besides we will air conditioning in the independent control box, so that machine can keep normal temperature.

It means that machine will work well even if temperature is high.


If you can get these information, hope it will help you.

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