Fiber laser cutting machine and CNC punch press-Juicy

Fiber laser cutting machine and CNC punch press

Comparison of laser cutting machine with CNC punching machine.

1. The laser cutting function can finish all kinds of complicated structures.CNC punch and fiber laser cutting machine

so long as any image can be drawn on the computer, the machine can finish the processing.

2. Do not need to open the mold.

Only make the picture on the computer.CNC punch and fiber laser cutting machine

The product can come out immediately, that is.

Can develop new products quickly, and can save cost.

3. YAG cutting machine has automatic tracking system.

so it can complete plane cutting.

and can also complete various uneven surface cutting.

4. The complicated process requires that the CNC punching machine is difficult to complete.

And laser cutting can be done.

5. The surface is very smooth.

The product class is very high, the CNC punch is difficult to achieve.

6. The shape of the box (within 0.5 m) needs to add to the hole.

The CNC punch not process.

And YAG CNC metal laser cutting function can  solve.

By definition, the cutting mode is different.

The laser cutting machine is cut by laser beam.

And the CNC punching machine needs to  processe by program control.

In the second place:

from processing method.

The numerical control punch processing way is fix.

There are several kinds of commonly use: single shot.

Same direction of continuous cutting.

More in the direction of continuous cutting, eating, forming a single.

continuous molding, array shape.
And the laser cutting machine is flexible.

You want to cut what shape you want to be able to work.

Third, in machining accuracy and processing speed.

laser cutting machine has absolute advantage over CNC punching machine.

Anyhow, CNC punch press and fiber laser cutting machine is, in fact.

So the productivity of a new productivity instead of the old.

so with the development of the era, CNC punch can  wash out gradually.

optical fiber laser cutting machine will gradually favored by the masses of users.