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During cutting process, there will be many problems about Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Cutting Head.

These problems will affect the normal use of fiber laser cutting machine Cutting Head.

1.Nozzle temperature is too high during processing:

Causes of issue

1. Centering offset.

2. Protect lens pollution.

3. Concentrated lens or Collimating lens pollution.

4. Fiber optic pollution.

Troubleshooting plan:

1. Check if the alignment is offset. If there is an offset, adjust it.

2. Take out the protective lens and inspect it.

After removing the protective lens holder,

be sure to use the masking paper to seal the leaking position of the cutting head.

Never blow it after removing the protective lens holder.

If the protective lens is contaminated, it needs to be cleaned again.

3. Check the optical lens inside the cutting head.

Lift the cutting head to the highest position, open the red light, unscrew the nozzle,

place a piece of white paper in the range of 20-40mm at the lower end of the ceramic ring,

then move up and down to observe the uniformity distribution of red light.

When observing red light, try to block the red light around,

to ensure a certain contrast, and to observe more clearly.

If there are obvious black spots, it can be judged that internal focusing or collimating lens or the end fiber is polluted.

This needs to be contacted by the after-sales service engineer for guidance.

Do not disassemble the laser head without further use, so as not to cause more damage.

2.Laser can not cut through the plate:

1. The power of the laser is reducing or the lamp is aging,

so that the energy of the laser beam is not enough, and can not cut through the plate.

Need to adjust the laser power to replace the laser generator lamp.

2. The cutting speed is too fast, according to the thickness of the cutting plate to select a suitable cutting speed.

3. Check whether the output pressure of the proportional valve is consistent with the cutting pressure

set by the upper computer, and whether the oxygen meter is at the indication of 10 kg;

4. Check if the protective lens is  and replace the protective lens.

5. The focus position is not suitable, and adjust the focus position according to the type of sheet thickness;

6. Under the premise of protecting the lens and cutting speed and air pressure,

check whether there is any problem with the fiber interface.

If there is no problem with the fiber interface,

please check the collimating lens and the focusing lens of the laser cutting head for damage.

If there is damage. Please replace it in time.

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