Fiber laser cutting machine in daily life:Charry

Fiber laser cutting machine in daily life

Fiber laser cutting machine in daily life.

Fiber laser cutting machine in daily life

Laser processing can realize plate cutting of any shape by modern CAD/CAM software.Laser processing not only has high processing speed, high efficiency, low cost, but also avoids mold.Shorten production preparation time period. Easy to achieve continuous processing, laser beam transposition time is short.Which improves production efficiency.

Laser cutting has become the technical development direction of modern metal processing. Because of its high speed, high precision, high quality, energy saving and environmental protection.

Laser cutting machines account for 32% of the market in laser processing applications. The biggest difference between laser cutting and other cutting methods is high speed, high precision and high adaptability. At the same time, it has the advantages of fine slitting, small heat zone, good quality of cutting surface.No noise during cutting, good verticality of slit edge, smooth trimming, easy automatic control of cutting process.

When cutting sheets, no mold.Which can replace some punching processing methods that require complex large molds. Which can greatly shorten the production cycle and reduce costs.

Laser processing in the automotive industry.

Firstly. The automotive industry is a highly concentrated industry with high technology.

Secondly. As an advance manufacturing method, in the developing industrial countries of Europe and America, 50%~70% of auto parts are process by laser processing.

Thirdly. The automotive industry mainly uses laser welding and laser cutting as the main processing methods.

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