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Fiber laser cutting machine detail cutting process

Many customers will encounter some cutting technology problems when using fiber laser cutting machine. Today we will summarize in fiber laser cutting machine detail cutting process. And hope to help users of laser cutting machine.

The laser cutting process is mainly divided into three kinds of conditions:

1. Cutting speed is too fast

If the cutting speed is too fast, the following results may cause.
1) May not be cut through, sparking sparks.
2) Some areas can be cut through, but some areas can not be cut through.
3) The whole section is coarser, but it does not produce dissolving.
4) The cutting section incline stripe, and the lower part produces stains.

2. The cutting speed is too slow

1) Cause over melting, the cutting surface is more rough.
2) The slit widen and the sharp corner dissolve in the whole.
3) Influence cutting efficiency.

3. Determine the appropriate cutting speed

Judging whether feed speed can be increased or slowed down from cutting spark
1) Sparks spread from up and down
2) If the spark tilte, the cutting speed is too fast.
3) Sparks not diffuse and small, together, indicating that the speed is too slow.
Proper feed speed
For example, the cutting surface presents a more smooth line, and the lower half does not appear to melt.
Normal cutting speed


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