Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Difference Compared with YAG-Tulsa

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Difference Compared with YAG-Tulsa

Fiber laser cutting machine difference is very evident.

Laser cutting is currently one of the most widely used laser processing technologies.

And its industrial application began in the 1970s and today almost any material can be cut using laser focusing.

Including both metallic and non-metallic materials.

Here’s fiber laser cutting machine difference compared with YAG.

No.1 YAG

YAG laser cutting machine cutting the main steel plate below 8mm.

The light beam installed on the gantry beam cutting speed is low, the failure rate is high.

In addition, YAG cutting machine photoelectric conversion efficiency of only 2% -3%.

So the power consumption is the largest of cutting machine (the same power), is gradually being eliminated by the market

No.2 Fiber laser cutting machine

Fiber lasers have obvious advantages when cutting thin plates up to 4 mm.

Which are inferior in quality when cutting thick plates due to the influence of the solid laser wavelength.

Optical fiber laser conversion efficiency of 25% -30%, so the machine’s low power consumption.

No.3 Fiber laser cutting machine differeNce with YAG

1, the kerf is narrow, save the metal, such as 3mm thick carbon steel, kerf only 0.1mm
2, the geometry of the kerf is good, the geometry of both sides of the kerf is parallel.

And vertical to the bottom (different from plasma cutting machine)
3, small thermal effects, can be ignored deformation (different from flame cutting)
4, the cutting surface is very clean and can be directly assembled
5, no slag
6, high cutting efficiency

Fiber laser cutting machine difference is much than YAG.

7, one of the fastest cutting process
8, the workpiece does not require clamping.
9, non-contact processing, there is no physical wear and tear
10, join the robot, then you can cut in any direction
11, low noise, small pollution

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