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Fiber laser cutting machine five advantages

With the advancement of the laser industry technology, large-format fiber laser cutting machines introduced. This fiber laser cutting machine utilizes a new type of fiber laser. And this technical construction solves the traditional technical problems. Fiber laser cutting machine five advantages

The price and maintenance costs of the machine have greatly reduced, and allowing many small and medium-sized enterprises to use this new laser cutting machine. And his main advantages are: instead of carbon dioxide lasers or lamp-pumped lasers with fiber lasers. And Fiber laser cutting machine five advantages.

Why should fiber lasers be used?

Because of the material cut by fiber lasers, the cutting quality is higher, the life of the whole machine is longer. And the maintenance cost is more. Low, lower power consumption. IAnd in short, compared to the traditional laser cutting machine can say to be a qualitative improvement. Fiber laser cutting machine five advantages.

In addition, the fiber laser used, which is more maneuverable and realizes flexible processing. Then simplifies the mechanical design of the device. Improve the stability of the system. Then the above is XT Laser I gave a rough summary and analysis. So the following XT LASER summarize the difference between the fiber laser cutting machine and the traditional laser cutting machine. And the advantages of the former, summed up five points for your reference. Fiber laser cutting machine five advantages.

First, the choice of fiber transmission, the device is more flexible. And higher automation
Second, fiber transmission, the quality of the beam is higher. So the cutting quality and work efficiency will greatly improve.
Third, the stability and lifetime of fiber lasers unmatch by pump diodes.

And there is no need to consider the problem of aging and the regulation of current.

Fourth, the choice of fiber laser makes the volume of the whole machine greatly reduced. And the power consumption also decreases.

And the photoelectric conversion rate of the optical fiber is higher. Then more efficient. And more environmentally friendly.

Five, fiber laser cutting machine, simple mechanism, high integration, no maintenance.

Simple and easy to use, no special technicians are required. Then leather is durable. And it is a good helper for the production of the company and is suitable for any industrial processing field.

In summary, the price of the new fiber laser cutting machine is much lower than the traditional one. And the maintenance cost is very low.