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Fiber Laser cutting machine focus mirror

Principle of cutting machine focus mirror

Firstly,the principle.Using a convex lens. Cutting machine focus mirror focus a parallel laser beam into a focus.And then put this focus on the metal.And then this focus can melt the metal and cut it.This is the principle of focus mirror.This principle is like the magnifying glass.We use the magnifying glass against sun to shine and light paper.However,the energy of the laser is much higher than that of the sunlight!

 cutting machine focus mirror pictures

Secondly,for the laser cutting machine focus mirror,usually one flat side and one convex side.Besides,the convex side is facing up!As follows picture:

fiber laser cutting machine focus mirror
fiber laser cutting machine focus mirror

Position of the focus point

Thirdly,the laser focus mirror is a professional lens system. The purpose is that we make the laser beam form a uniform focus spot in the entire plane.It is one of the most important accessories for the laser cutting head. In the absence of deformation,the position of the focus point depends only on the focal length of the lens and the tangent of the deflection angle. Thus simplifying the calculation of the focus position.

 Quick wear parts

Main quick wear parts include nozzle and protective lens.
1st year their consumption is about 20~30 pieces per year, but the cost will be decline later.
As their consumption have big relationship with workers operation.

Other parts

Focus mirror, ceramic rings and collimating mirror cost is not common quick wear part.
You just need arrange 1 set for spare.

In the end,XT Laser is not only a professional laser cutting manufacturer, but also offer good quality consumable such as focusing mirror, ceramic sheet, laser nozzle, etc., to old customers.
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