Fiber laser cutting machine in Germany:Charry

Fiber laser cutting machine in Germany

Fiber laser cutting machine in Germany

One of my Germany customer asked about some questions,i think that will also help you.

1.Which speed (no-load running speed) does the machine have?

Its 80 meters per minute.(But no customers use a such higher speed to cut,cause for different material and thickness,it also need to set a suitable laser speed,then to get a perfect effect,effect is more important)

2.For 2000w,we recommend to choose IPG laser source,its German brand.
Cause for higher laser power,especially from 2000w,3000w or higher,IPG is more stable than Raycus.
Of course,some of customers also use Raycus,its cost-effective brand.

3.Can you give us references from customers in Germany?

Hope you can understand me,cause in last email,we have talked about the customers,they do not like others to disturb them,and as a supplier,we need to protect customers personal right and private.
We do not have the right to share any information of them to others.After you bought the machine,we also need to protect yours.

I can not disclose customers info to get your order,thats not fair to them,and if i let your info out,you will also be angry.

But i can share some of our Germany customers feedback on our machine:

Fiber laser cutting machine in Germany

Following with one of our tube cutting machine in Germany customers factory:

Fiber laser cutting machine in Germany

4.Can the software language also be set to German?

For the software language,there just with Chinese,English and Russia,cause the software suppliers just publish the three languages,i guess they do not have Germany engineers can program the codes.

5.Can sheets with protective foil be cut with the machine?

Yes,it can ,and we test it previous:

But as the video shows,the maximum thickness will be 2mm.
Cause for film coating cutting,the gas pressure need be more higher,than if the 3mm stainless steel or thicker,the film will be blow up.

And the thickness of film also need be more than 0.3mm thickness.

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