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Fiber laser cutting machine higher speed.

The main difference compared with CNC laser cutting machine is fiber laser cutting machine higher speed.

However, many users have purchased the CNC cutting machine.But it reflects that the processing efficiency is not so great.

What is the reason?

Firstly. There is no automatic cutting process and cutting parameter database on the CNC system.

The cutting workers can only operate the CNC cutting machine by hand and by eye, and can not automatically punch and cut automatically.

The cutting machine consumption efficiency is naturally low.

Secondly. It is not appropriate to use the cutting method.

When cutting settings, the cutting method used is too simple, individual parts must be perforated, and must be cut perfectly, without the use of co-edge, borrowing, bridging and other efficient cutting methods, resulting in low cutting efficiency, and cutting nozzle supplies (especially Plasma cutting nozzles are expensive.

Thirdly. The use of nesting software has not led to a low data application rate.

Instead of using the nesting software, the part is called on the CNC system or the part is read in to stop the manual programming and stop the partial cutting, which is not only time-consuming but also costly. Therefore, the device nesting software not only saves time but also saves CNC cutting machine.

Finally. The CNC system is unstable and the cutting is slow.

Due to the heating of the CPU and hard disk of the CNC system, the system is unstable.Or the fan is worn, the hard disk is vibrated or the virus is damaged.Which causes the consumption to stagnate. It may be that the cutting control software of the CNC system is defective, causing faults or cutting errors. Will delay cutting consumption, affecting the quality of cutting and other issues.

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