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Fiber laser cutting machine main components

These days more and more customers ask for the fiber laser cutting machine for metal plate cutting. However, some customers do not know the main components. Then you can see the follow content to know fiber laser cutting machine main components.

Fiber laser source:

It is the core component of fiber laser cutting machine. And it is also the «power source» for fiber laser cutting machine to realize cutting operation. So fiber lasers offer higher efficiency, longer life, less maintenance. And lower cost than other types of lasers.

Cutting head:

The laser cutting head is a laser output device consisting of a nozzle, a focusing lens and a focus tracking system. And the cutting head of the laser cutting machine will walk according to the set cutting trajectory. But the height of the laser cutting head needs to adjust and controll under different materials, different thicknesses and different cutting methods.

Servo motor:

Servo motor is an engine that controls the operation of mechanical components in a servo system. It is an auxiliary motor indirect transmission. So the servo motor can control the speed and position accuracy very accurately. And can convert the voltage signal into torque and speed to drive the control object. The high-quality servo motor can effectively guarantee the cutting precision, positioning speed. And repeat positioning accuracy of the laser cutting machine.


The chiller is a cooling device for laser cutting machines that cools lasers, spindles, etc. quickly and efficiently. Today’s chillers contain advanced functions such as input and output control device switches and cooling water flow, high and low temperature alarms, and the performance is more stable.

Gas supply system:

The gas supply system of the fiber laser cutting machine mainly includes a gas source, a filtering device and a pipeline. The gas source is composed of bottled gas and compressed air.


The bed, beam, workbench, and Z-axis system of the laser cutting machine are collectively referred to as the main unit. When the laser cutting machine performs cutting, the workpiece is first placed on the bed, and then the servo motor is used to drive the beam to control the movement of the Z-axis. The user can adjust the parameters according to his own needs.

Control system:

Mainly control the machine tool to realize the movement of the X, Y and Z axes, and also control the output power of the laser.

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