2: Fiber laser cutting machine–How to maintain the cutting head (Raytools BT 240)–Clara

Last time we mentioned how to clean lens when you use Raytools BT 240 cutting head. Hoping that article has do some help for you, this time we will continue to share the maintainence of Raytools BT 240 cutting head.

Installation and Replacement of Protective Lens

The protective lens is consumables and need to be replaced after damaged:

  • Use a hex wrench to loosen the locking screws;
  • By holding both sides of the drawer type mirror seat to pull out of the protective mirror seat;
  • By pressing the lens’ edge, the spring seal ring is pushed out. In this way, both spring seal ring and protective lens can be taken out (please put spring seal ring on good condition);
  • Cleaning or replacing the lens
  • Installing the protective lens (regardless of positive and negative sides) into the drawer;
  • Placing the spring seal ring into the slot gently, if damaged, please replacing a new one;
  • Holding both sides of the protective lens seat again and push it into the laser cutting head;
  • Locking screws
  • If you need more information to maintain your fiber laser cutting machine. Please feel free to contact us.
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