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Fiber laser cutting machine operating costs

Fiber laser cutting machines are widely used in various industries. And with the development of the industry, the demand for fiber laser cutting machines is also growing. When customers purchase equipment, they often care about operating costs. Then let’s take a detailed analysis of fiber laser cutting machine operating costs.
And the cost of using a fiber laser cutting machine mainly includes power consumption, auxiliary gas costs, and consumable parts.
Then take a 500W fiber laser cutting machine as an example:

1. Power consumption:

The 500W fiber laser cutting machine consumes 6 degrees of electricity per hour, and the electricity cost is about 6 yuan / hour (calculated at 1 yuan / kWh).

2. Auxiliary gas consumption:

Gas type        Gas price              usage time        Consumption (yuan/hour)       Remarks
oxygen       15 yuan / bottle           1 hour                                  15                            Take the example of cutting 5mm carbon steel plate
Nitrogen   320 yuan / can        12~16 hours                             20                           Take 1mm stainless steel as an example
air                                                                               5 (air compressor cost)           Best for steel plates up to 2mm

Oxygen is bottle; nitrogen is more cost-effective than bottle filling, and it also saves the operator’s time of ventilation and waste from excessive bottled gas. In addition, gas prices will vary in different regions.

3. Consumption of other consumables:

name                         Normal service life (hours)                  unit price                  Hourly consumption                      Remarks
Protective lens                           300                                   150 yuan / piece                  1 yuan / hour            Excellent working environment and longer                                                                                                                                                                                    working time
Copper mouth                            300                                   50 yuan / month              0.17 yuan / hour
Ceramic ring                              7200                                        400 yuan                     0.11 yuan / hour