Fiber laser cutting machine is more and more popular:Charry

Fiber laser cutting machine is more and more popular

Fiber laser cutting machine is more and more popular.

In a short time, we have seen remarkable advances in fiber laser technology.

In just five years, lasers have reached a 10000w.

To be fair, fiber lasers have been in a variety of industries over the years, not just limit to sheet metal cutting.

The main advantages of fiber laser technology are compact design, optical fiber transmission.

Which requires no maintenance and lower operating costs compared to CO2 lasers. Even convergence beams of 2kW fiber lasers have a power density five times than 4kW CO2 lasers. It also has a 2.5 times greater absorption capacity thanks to the shorter fiber laser wavelength.

The higher absorption of wavelengths in fiber optics can have a higher cutting speed. Of course, many systems can cut thicker and faster sheets with higher capacity. But cutting materials with a thickness of 1/8 inch or less is the most obvious advantage of fiber lasers over CO2.

If laser cutting, it is best to use nitrogen as a support gas because the molten material is pushed out of the cutting line with nitrogen as soon as it begins to melt. Air also can use for laser cutting, but the major component also includes nitrogen.

Research shows that about 70% of sheet metal cutting on the market is done with materials less than 1/4 inch thick. Therefore, this creates a large and potential market segment for flat sheet metal cutters.

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