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Fiber laser cutting machine problem solution

With the competition of light metal processing industry is becoming increasingly fierce. The majority of enterprises in order to impact performance, the fiber laser cutting machine using a longer time. Or because of common use do not pay attention there will inevitably be some small faults. For these faults may be a lot of the time we all need to we know. If in use fails, may affect a lot of work, in order to find out the reasons of the rapid XT LASER. Today we summarize some common faults of fiber laser cutting machine, in order to facilitate the use of time can be more professional.

As a popular application device of fiber laser cutting machine. In use process, often encounter some glitches in the face of these common faults. The operator should have what kind of treatment! Below by XT LASER laser technology department with all of you on these faults.

In the face of fiber laser cutting machine sudden fault, the operator first to remain calm. Then analyze the fault, is a fiber laser cutting machine is stuck. Or stop the indirect, or stop working completely. The first thing to do is to turn off the power supply, then check and watch in for many kinds of fiber laser cutting machine common fault. Such as laser head light, fiber laser cutting machine out of the size in the range of fiber laser cutting machine. The cutting surface is not smooth and so on, to solve the fault plane.

When there is a gap between the size of the laser cutting, it is necessary to check the fixed parameters of the laser equipment. Whether the settings are normal, the parameters on the computer is correct. The number of pulses is normal, etc., And finally the disaster area to see the graphics software settings.

When the fiber laser cutter cuts the surface of the workpiece. It is necessary to observe whether the cutting material is in the range of the whole device. If it is, we must adjust the focusing mirror of the fiber laser cutting machine. And focus the laser equipment more carefully. Can make the effect more obvious.

The above is the fiber laser cutting machine common faults, encountered these faults, remember, panic, wrong busy, arrange ideas. Rely on fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers with fault processing book to solve.

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