Fiber laser cutting machine will become the first choice of elevator processing industry -Eason

Fiber laser cutting machine 

In the real estate, urban public construction and other industrial development driven, world elevator market to maintain a 20% annual increase in speed.fiber laser cutting machine become the world’s largest new elevator market.
In addition, along with the new-type fiber laser cutting machine in the sheet metal processing industry continue to popularize, fiber laser cutting into the elevator market a technology flow, improve the elevator industry automation, intelligent degree, promote the elevator processing technology breakthrough.
What is the difference between the traditional method of elevator processing and laser processing technology? How does the fiber laser cutting technology explode the elevator market?
Traditional processing methods
The former machine factory basically uses the multi-position punching machine processing plank, mainly including the vehicle, the milling, planing, drilling, grinding and so on processing procedure.they mainly relies on the mechanical external force to complete the redundant metal layer stripping process with the hard tool. The procedure is complex, the workpiece is easy to variant, consumes a lot of manpower, material and financial resources.
CO2 Laser Processing Mode
CO2 Laser Cutting Machine is the first laser processing equipment used in domestic elevator industry. The use of light, electricity, chemical and other mechanical energy to complete the stripping process of materials, can be used in lower hardness material to achieve the processing of high hardness materials. Compared with the traditional processing mode of laser processing has no contact, easy processing, safety and environmental protection and other unique advantages.
Fiber laser cutting to seize the elevator market
Because the elevator manufacturing is basically to 3mm or so stainless steel, the use of CO2 laser cutting machine processing power consumption is higher, gas consumption is larger. CO2 Laser Cutting machine because of its high cost, debugging complex and other shortcomings, has not been the pace of elevator industry development.and The new type fiber laser cutting machine has very fast speed, low operating cost, can cut copper, aluminum and other high reflective materials, as well as the characteristics of the absence of light road, so that it gradually replaces the CO2 laser cutting machine in the field of metal processing, and become the preferred tool for elevator processing industry.


fiber laser cutting machine high efficiency, high quality, high degree of automation, applicable to carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, copper and other metal materials of professional cutting.for the metal material cutting, hollowing, drilling and other processes to provide a strong technical support. then the laser products are suitable for metal processing in elevators and other industries, and can ensure the smoothness of the section at the same time as the rapid cutting of the elevator sheet metal fittings.


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