Fiber laser cutting technology will lead the rapid development of sheet metal processing industry-Juicy

Fiber laser cutting technology will lead the rapid development of sheet metal processing industry

1. The relationship between sheet metal and fiber laser cutting machine.

Sheet metal industry is an important part of the laser processing Fiber laser cutting technology of sheet metal processing industry.

laser equipment with cash is introduced, the development of the sheet metal industry overwhelming.

Under the impetus of the new type of optical fiber laser cutting machine, sheet metal industry development prospect is very considerable.

But at the same time, also for laser cutting machine.

laser welding machine and laser marking machine and other equipment applied in sheet metal industry has provided a broad space.

fiber laser cutter

2. Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine.

1. Characteristics of fiber laser cutting machine.

(1) fiber laser electrical and optical conversion efficiency is high.

And  the conversion efficiency of more than 30%.

Then mall power fiber lasers without cold water machine.

So using air cooling, can greatly save electricity at work.

Then saves the operation cost, Then the achieve so  the highest production efficiency;

Fiber laser cutting technology of sheet metal processing industry

(2)So the laser only needs electricity when it is running

So there is no need to generate extra gas for laser.

which has the lowest operation and maintenance costs;

(3) fiber laser using semiconductor modular and redundancy design.

But inside the cavity no optical lenses, do not need to start time.

So with free adjustment, free maintenance, high stability.

And the advantages of reducing the costs of accessories and maintenance time.

This is a traditional laser incomparable.

(4) the output of the fiber laser wavelength of 1.064 microns, is 1/10 of the wavelength.

CO2 output beam quality is good, high power density, is very beneficial to the absorption of metal material.

Has excellent ability of cutting, welding

So that the processing cost minimum;

(5) the whole machine light route fiber transmission

without the need of complex reflector and other guiding light system, simple optical path, stable structure, no maintenance of outer light road;

(6) The cutting head contains protective lenses.

So that the consumption of valuable and consumables

So such as focusing mirror is very few.

(7) light is exported through optical fiber.

making the design of mechanical system very simple and easy to integrate with robot or multi-dimensional workbench;

(8) The laser is equipped with a multi-machine.

But which can be divided into multiple channels by the optical fiber.

But which is easy to expand, easy to upgrade and easy to upgrade.

(9) The fiber laser is small in size and light in weight.

which can move in the working position and occupies a small area.

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