fiber laser cutting and typesetting notes-Eason

fiber laser cutting and typesetting notes

1. Corner melting
When cut down the corners of the thin steel plate, the laser will melt the corner due to overheating. In the corner to generate a small radius to maintain the high-speed laser cutting, to avoid the corner when the steel plate overheating melting phenomenon, so as to obtain good cutting quality, and reduce cutting time, improve productivity.


2. Part Spacing
In general, the cutting thick plate and hot plate, the spacing between the parts to be large, because the hot plate heat effect of the thick plate, in cutting corner corners and small graphics, easy to burn edge, affect cutting quality.


3. Leader setting
In the process of cutting thicker plates, in order to make the cut joints good, prevent the beginning and end burns, often at the beginning and end of the cutting each section of the transition line, known as the lead and tail line. The lead and tail line is not used for the workpiece , so arrange outside the scope of the workpiece, but also note that the leader can not be set in sharp corners and other difficult to heat. The connection between the lead and the slit is made by the arc transition, which makes the machine move smoothly and avoids the burn caused by the corner pause.


4, Edge Cutting
Two or more parts together into a combination, a large number of regular graphics as far as possible, common cutting can greatly shorten the cutting time, but also to save raw materials.


5. Parts collision
In order to maximize the efficiency of production, most  laser cutting equipment is 24h continuous operation, and the use of unmanned automation/unloading device, hit the cutting finish of the tilting parts caused by cutting head damage and production interruption, resulting in greater loss. This needs to be sorted when attention: ① Choose the right cutting path, bypass the cut parts, reduce collisions. ② choose the best cutting route, reduce cutting time. ③ automatically or manually combine multiple small parts with tiny connections, and after cutting, the removed parts can easily disconnect tiny connections.


6. Surplus Material Treatment
After cutting the parts, laser cutting equipment on the platform of the skeleton-like residue needs to be removed as soon as possible to facilitate subsequent cutting operations.
For a laser cutting device without an automatic unloading device, a skeleton rest can be cut into small pieces to facilitate rapid removal. Thus avoiding the operator caused by moving heavy and sharp edges of the rest of the personal injury.