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Fiber laser engraving machine for bracelet

Fiber laser engraving machine is popular among the jewelry industry.

Because it could mark on the rings and bracelets, necklace.

Whether deep engraving or surface marking, this type fiber laser engraver could do it.

In this passage, we mainly talk about the fiber laser machine marking on the bracelet.

As we know, the accerories  are more and more popular in the market.

Recently,many young generation prefer to wearing the rings or bracelet to decorate themselves.

Therefore the jewelry industry booming in the market.

However, there are many shops who want to make their products  look different.

Then the fiber laser marking machine becomes a good choice for them.

fiber laser engraving machine

1.The basic specification of fiber laser engraving machine

* Laser source: Raycus laser source, the best brand in China.
* Lens: 110*110mm lens, wavelength brand from Singapore.
* Control card: JCZ control card from Beijng, the best one in China.
* Software: EZCAD software, from Beijing JCZ company. 
* Working table: 2D working table, for focus distance adjust by forward-backward/left-right moving. 
* Galvo head: SINO brand galvo head, the most hot selling one in market. 
*Computer: Lenovo

And for different customers ,they have different requirements for the marking outcome.

However,some customers prefer the surface marking and others like deep engraving.

fiber laser engraving machine

For this round products marking , we usually equip with the rotary device for the fiber laser engraving machine.

And we have special rotary device which could clamp both the ring and bracelet.

Therefore, the customer could use this for ring and bracelet marking:

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