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10 Common engraving Mistakes — Fiber Laser Engraving Marking

fiber laser engraving marking
fiber laser engraving marking

Focus on the below optics about fiber laser engraving marking:

*What are the most common fiber laser engraving marking mistakes?
*How can I avoid the most common mistakes in fiber laser engraving marking?
*How can I fix fiber laser engraving marking mistakes?

Laser cutting and fiber laser engraving marking are two of the most popular modern manufacturing techniques. This technology has existed for a long time,

it’s only recently that it has enter the mainstream, giving artisans,

designers and creatives more opportunities,

to bring their dreams to life –

designing them first, manufacturing them at a low cost with minimal

equipment and readily available materials.

Fiber Fiber Laser engraving marking is still an art though, and although the process is largely facilitate by computers, it still takes a skill technician to produce the desire end product. This article talks about some of the most common laser engraving mistakes, including popular misconceptions that prevent folks from actualizing the projects they want to complete.

Keep reading to find out about the most common careless errors made during laser engraving marking, popular misconceptions laser engraving marking just aren’t true, techniques you can use to avoid common pitfalls and make your visionary products come to life.

Take Care – Avoid The Most Common Careless Errors-fiber laser engraving marking


Misspelled Names – Laser engraving is often use to create namesake goods. Items like coasters or key chains can be mass produce with different names on them, for sale in gift shops or online shops like Etsy. Names are one of the most commonly engraved things, they connect a person’s identity to a special gift, it’s very common to misspell names during the design and engraving process. Make sure you get the name in writing and double-check the spelling before you start engraving.


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