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Fiber laser etching machine for gun manufacturer

Our company has received many gun manufacturer asking fiber laser etching machine.

We all know that there are many western customers producing the guns.

Some of them would like to mark special logo or print on the gun.

In this situation, they need our fiber laser marking machine to finish the work.

Actually we have received many American customer asking for deep engraving on the gun.

So our company has much experience on this field.

1.What kind of questions need assure for the fiber laser etching machine

We know that for the deep engraving work, the minimum power would be 30w.

If the customer  asking for deeper depth, then they need the 50w machine.

First of all, we need to assure the material of the customer products.

For the gun , most material would be aluminium, carbon steel and stainless steel etc.

The aluminium is the easiest material to engrave.

Secondly, we need assure the thickness of the customer ask for.

For different depth and different  material, the deep engraving time would be different.

So the power is also related with the depth.

In the end, assure the marking size, if the marking area is big, then time would be longer.

fiber laser etching machine

2.The samples we did  using the fiber laser etching machine for customer

Share some etching samples we did by our fiber laser etching machine before.

Actually most of them is for American customers.

fiber laser etching machinefiber-laser-etching-machine-sample

We know that there are many this type machine in the market.

And the price varies from one manufacturer to another.

So why customer choose XTLASER?

That lies that we are the only manufacturer who provide the 5 years warranty to the customers.

Besides, we provide the sweet service.

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