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Fiber laser marker have very wide application nearly in all Industrial fields, such as machinery manufacturing, accessories processing, sheet metal cutting, kitchen ware processing etc. With similar machine, why it have so large difference on price, even double?

Follow let us analysis why fiber laser marking machine have so large difference.

fiber laser marker
fiber laser marker
  • Fiber laser generator

Usually we call it fiber laser source, this is the most important part of fiber laser marker, also it have the biggest influence for machine price. Fiber laser source’s quality will decide whole machine’s quality directly.

Many people ask price directly when plan to buy fiber laser marker. This is wrong way to be honest. We know price is very important for every buyer. But we should know what we will get first.

In China market, IPG and Raycus brand are the best laser source, stable and reliable.  IPG is the biggest and best fiber laser source manufacturer all over the world. They are leader of fiber laser field. Raycus is the first fiber laser source manufacturer in China. Its founders back from Silicon Valley, USA. Its core technology also base on it.

Compared with other China brand, Raycus price is higher but it should be our first choice.

Why we should select Raycus Fiber laser marker

  1. Raycus laser source have very similar performance with IPG, including stability, quality, broken rate etc. But its price is much more lower than IPG.
  2. Raycus broken rate much more less than 1%, but other Chinese brand much more high then 1%.  

For example:

20w Raycus fiber laser marker may need more 400USD than other China brand, such as MAX, JPT etc. With Raycus, you don’t need do any maintenance or repairing during using. its working life is more than 100,000 hours. With other brand, even you need repair laser source every year after using 2 years. Just the shipping cost will more higher than 400usd.

Really you want to buy one machine with this kind of situation and performance?

Control System

Control system include two part: control board and control software The most common fiber laser marker control system is JCZ control board and Ezcad software.

Original JCZ control board have JCZ logo and special serial number on the surface. Now there is many copy control board in China market, usually it have mark like «IPG»,»FIBER LASER», but no «JCZ» logo and serial number.

Original Ezcad software could update and support WIN7/8/10/XP 64bits. The copy software can’t be update.

Between original control system and copy control system, usually it have 200usd difference.

Laser Scanning Head

In all China brand laser scanning head, Century Sunny is the best one but its price is much more higher than others. So usually we only use it on some high request fiber laser marker.

Except Century Sunny, Sino is alternative one. its quality is better than other small brand.

Spare Parts

When we check machine price, we should know what detail parts included in this price. The optional parts include working table, extra ed pointer, pedal, protective glasses.

So before we compare different suppliers’ price, we need ask all details about main parts and spare parts.

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