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What Is Advantage of Mopa Fiber Laser Marker

Mopa fiber laser marker is popular in the market.

In fact,color engraving on metal is an innovative method.

It appeared recently but has already received appreciation.

Mopa fiber laser marking machine makes it possible not only to recreate on the surface an inscription of maximum accuracy but also to make it more beautiful.

Color laser marking on stainless steel,plastic and other materials is indispensable in industry, jewelry, advertising and in the production of souvenir and branded products.

However,fiber mopa laser color machine for marking gives a wide field for the flight of fantasy.

And it allows you to create an original product.

Giving it personality or bind to a certain brand or business organization.

mopa laser marking machine

What Is Mopa Fiber Laser Marker and Its Operating Principle

In fact, color engraving is made with a controlled beam.

And the radiating element in the engraver is a crystal.

What’s more, it emits pulses under the influence of an external action.

A huge charge of energy heats the metal to the melting temperature and changes its structure.

When the surface and the fiber mopa system come into contact.

Adjusting the mode of marking mopa fiber laser marker machine allows you to obtain an image of the desired brightness, depth, volume, contrast and texture.

A color image on a metal is obtained through the formation of oxide films, it is formed when the metal is heated.

Answering a question of how does color laser engraving work.

Mopa vs fiber marking machine allows you to quickly label products and the necessary images.

Where does Mopa Fiber Laser Marker apply

With the help of this fiber machine, it is possible to engrave inscriptions, drawings, ornaments, photographs, patterns, logos, company emblems, symbols, markings on:

  • jewelry: rings, bracelets, medallions, pendants;
  • advertising products for any purpose;
  • souvenir and business products: cigarette cases, lighters, business cards, pens, number plates;
  • metal gifts;
  • and also to automate the process of color engraving. This reduces the time of work execution with a guarantee of high quality.

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