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Fiber laser markers have very fast development recently years. Not only on metal processing, but also in some plastic and non-metal fields. fiber laser markers also have wide application.

Due to different country have different language, many people have doubt on fiber laser machine’s operation language. What language it is? Whether we can change to use other language? Can we add new fonts in this software?

Fiber Laser Markers Language

English is one of the most universal language, Ezcad software support English. In this case, most people can operate this machine well. Except English, also it have several default language, including Chinese, Japanese. Korean etc.

Fiber Laser Markers

Of course, English is not enough to meet all people’s demand. In some country such as Russia and Middle East, most people can’t speak English. Ezcad software don’t have default program for Russian and Arabic. If people want to change the software into Russian or Arabic, we need add some file package.

In order to meet different customer’s demand, we ask professional translate the file and make programs with Russian and Arabic for fiber laser markers control system. If customers come from non-English area, our engineer will install related language free.

Fiber Laser Markers Fonts

Original fiber laser markers software have install more than hundreds common fonts, it can meet most customer’s demand for English letter and Latin letter. But many user hope to add more fonts for other language. it is easy to do. We just need copy the fonts file into computer’s fonts file, then it will be showed in this software.

Follow is some operation video about Ezcad software, it can help people most based application. XT LASER as the biggest fiber laser marking machine manufacturer in North China. Always we will offer you the best service and technology support.


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