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Fiber laser marking machine in Plastic filed

Plastic is one of the most common material in our life. It have so wide application nearly in all industry fields, business fields and other daily supplies. There is many people want to use fiber laser marking machine do marking process on these plastic. We know it could working on all kinds of metal material. But plastic is different with metals. Some plastic material is okay, some plastic is not possible to do mark with fiber laser marking machine. Usually it need use UV laser marking machine.

So it make many people confused. What kind of plastic we can mark? and what kind of plastic need UV laser?

  • ABS plastic

ABS is one of the most common plastic material in our life. Such as switch, net connect port etc., most of them is ABS plastic. Most of them could be marked with fiber laser marking machine. Only few of them need use other type laser marking machine.

So if you want to do ABS plastic marking, that’s better send some samples to suppliers and ask them take test for you.

ABS plastic panel
fiber laser marking on ABS plastic electric control switch

  •  PVC plastic

PVC is also one of common material in our life, usually we use it on water pipe, control panel and electric case. With fiber laser marking machine, we can make beautiful black color on the surface. but the marking won’t damage material surface as it is very light.

PVC electric case fiber laser marking machine

PVC plastic battery case

  • PU plastic

PU plastic usually seems very smooth. In our life, such as keys, soft cover etc. many of them is PU material.

PU fiber laser marking machine
fiber laser marking machine for PU

MOPA fiber laser marking machine

For plastic laser marking, mopa fiber laser marking machine have wide application than ordinary fiber laser marking. Mopa machine’s pulse could be adjusted so that it is more suitable for plastic marking. If you need do plastic laser marking, pls think about mopa laser marking machine firstly. Although its price is higher than ordinary machine. but its marking performance will be much more better.

If you want to learn more about plastic laser marking machine, we can talk more.

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