Fiber laser marking machine for jewelry-ivy

Fiber laser marking machine for jewelry

As Fiber laser marking machine for jewelry.And  Laser marking and laser engraving machines are a fast . and clean technology. So That is rapidly replacing older laser technologies. Then Direct laser marking . and laser engraving has now become a common process. In the jewelry industry. Fiber laser maeking machine for jewelry.

And Laser engraving machines are suitable for laser marking . such as gold. platinum. silver. titanium. tungsten, stainless steel, aluminum. and plastics.and  LaserStar’s laser engraving machines.  are available in 10. 20 or 40 Watt power levels. also The laser engravng machine is a compact. turnkey laser marking. then laser engraving . and laser cutting system. that provides controllable pulse rates adjustable.  from continuous wave to single pulse. Besides, The laser engraving machine can mark hallmarks. trademarks.stone weights. personalized text. serial numbers. corporate logos and digital images.  at up to 200 characters per second.

Then,also LaserStar’s laser engraving machines feature. the next generation operating software. and has rotary devices for standard. and custom ring shapes.

Besides,Identification text. serial numbers. corporate logos. 2-D data matrix. bar coding. graphic and digital images. or any individual process data can be produced. with laser marking. Below are just a few examples of laser engraving applications .in the jewelry industry.

• Hallmark identification . and custom logo laser marking/engraving on inside of rings
• Multi-line text. on the inside of rings (i.e., story book rings)
• Copyright, serialize .and custom brand finished jewelry pieces
• Personalize watches, lockets, eyeglass cases gifts, novelty products, awards, etc.
• Customize pen-pencil sets with names or logos
• Ideal for safety .and security identification markings
• Create unique textures .or patterns on various alloys
• Customize various jewelry .with photos or design images
• Engrave hallmarks. and logos in master models for casting