fiber laser marking machine normal application introduction -Sara

fiber laser marking machine normal application introduction -Sara

fiber laser marking machine application – stainless steel black mark

Fiber laser is widely application in metal . Like Aluminum, brass marking. In stainless steel galvanized marking. Usually can mark white, grey. Also black on these materials.

As we all know many customers . who use the marking machine to mark metal. Like stainless steel mark black. Here is the marking sample of SS black marking.

some customer mark BR code on SS. With their logo or company name. SS material is the most easy to mark metal. With mopa laser you can also mark color .

fiber laser marking machine application – mark number on  nameplate

The Fiber laser also has application. Like  in Car motor car spare part.  Instrument and meters marking. Also use in cutting tool marking .

Some metal industry use marking machine. For some metal nameplate printing .

Like brass and aluminum.  And stainless steel nameplate. metal like aluminum marking. We ususlly use fiber to mark black and grey.  Galvanized plate is also avalable.

there are also some customer mark  copper. Copper is not easy to mark. which use at least 30w can mark effect.  but the effect can not be black.

fiber laser marking machine application -some plastic material

But for some nonmetal material like plastic.  Also can be marked .By fiber laser marking machine. But  It depends on the material components.

In use of Special surface cover. which like silicon wafer, Poly urethane.     And rubber, epoxy resin, PVC, PC, ABS. For ceramics, Coating film etc.

And We will test for you before delivery.  With the material you want to work. To save parameter for you in computer. After you received the machine. then you can use it directly.