Fiber laser marking machine structure-Karina

As process and production requirements increase. Traditional printing processes are gradually being replaced by laser marking. Today, we share the fiber  laser marking machine structure. Everyone can understand more about the use.

CNC fiber laser marking machine structure name and brand.

Firstly, fiber laser sources:  The most important part for fiber laser marking machine. The mainly brand have IPG , Raycus ,  JPT .

Secondly, fiber Laser Power Supply: It can provide the power for fiber laser sources.  It is best to use Mingwei or Hengfu.

Thirdly, laser head: There are many fiber laser head brand on the market. Imported fiber laser head brand are mainly: Scanlab. In China market mainly have Centry Sunny,sino,Galvotech. Many laser head manufacturers are making the copy laser head.The quality of the laser head depends on the speed ,other parameters, accuracy, warranty time.

Forth, f-theta lens: The wavelength of the fiber marking machine is 1064 nm. The F-theta lens mainly used to focus light from the laser head on flat surface.When we buy,we need to think the range of the mark.

Fifth, control board: Called laser control card, laser marking card. Common marking cards include EZCD, samlight, century Sunny, etc. It can convert the input pattern into a digital signal.Pass them into the galvanometer.  The EZCD  is the best choose for fiber laser marking machine. Now there are two kinds of boards in the market: genuine and imitation. The software version of many imitation versions is not high, only 2.5.3, partial imitation Can go to 2.7.6.

All in all, laser marking machines bring profits  for company.It will have a better market prospects in the future.

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