Any Fiber laser marking machine use question-Tulsa

Any Fiber laser marking machine use question

fiber laser marking machine use question

Firstly,how to find focus?

Laser is a kind of light beam of highly concentrate energy. Which can only mark on the focus point. And other position can not be marked.

In this case ,it should be adjusted before marking. In order to get the best marking effect. We can make the laser focus converged on the worktable.

The way of adjusting is open the machine and marking software. Then put a metal plate on the worktable. Also inputting content  falling down the pillar to find the strongest point after press the mark button.

Which position is the focus: Raising and falling down the pillar after press the mark button. Then watch carefully. You will find a position which the laser is brightest and the sound of marking is loudest. And this position is called focus point.

Secondly,The red light is moving ,but can not mark on it?

0perate problem is First check the material if it can be absorb the wavelength of 1064. Second, check the focus distance if it right and how much is the power output.

Parameters issue: Check the laser control. If it was selected in the semiconductor parameters

Thirdly,why the marking effect with shadow?

First to adjust the laser on TC, general adjust to -300

If it no use need to open the advanced. Also adjust  jump position TC range 0-400

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