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Fiber laser marking machine work on production line and its advantage

Advantages of fiber laser marking machine in assembly line. As a modern enterprise, it is necessary to have a modern production line. So the fiber laser marking machine work production line now and have many advantages.


For example, like Foxconn, ASUS, these large OEM companies, their production base on a pipeline to help them complete. The working mode of the assembly line is very helpful for mass production. And can greatly save labor cost.

Intelligent is a way of enterprise in the future.

In Germany, their basic line of work is to achieve the intelligent real.  To process of materials into expected cost, whole process does not need to know who participate in. It’s all computer control.

Only one engineer can monitor it in real time. Assembly line measurement process is also necessary. Then as an important line of assembly line optical fiber laser marking machine can meet the requirements of  enterprise? The answer is: you have to!
As the strength of the large companies that we will not say. Their equipment is the most advanced. Most like to go running for small and medium enterprises – their production.


What kind of equipment? Or what kind of line for marking a more appropriate?


With XT LASER’s current technology, it is fully capable of implementing the line marking operation terminology: flight marking.
It is on the rapid assembly line, without manual intervention laser marking opportunity. Fast and accurate marking on the surface of the product. The efficiency is very high. Few workers need it. Greatly saving the cost of the enterprise. Especially the increase of manual Chen, the Ministry of Labor issued a statement earlier.

The national wage level is increased by an average of eighteen percent, coupled with the current aging is more serious. So combined with many factors, it is necessary for small and medium enterprises to have a flying laser marker.

Fiber laser marking machine work on prodcution line adopts the principle of pipeline is equipped with imported high-speed galvanometer scanning system.

Fiber laser marking machine operation by radio sensor signal triggered by professional online marking flight control software. It is realized the marking on the product line. And it is the laser application equipment of our company for the production line and online printing industry development and design.

Fiber laser marking machine work on production line can be directly with the existing plant production line. Our company can also according to the production line of different products for the customer to design the corresponding working platform. And provide flexible supporting scheme for laser marking.
As we all know, all walks of life are using the appropriate laser equipment. Such as metal laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, steel plate laser cutting machine, etc..


 So, why time saving, effort saving, worry free assembly line laser marking machine is more and more popular?

Now life is the pursuit of fast, convenient, order, law, so no matter which industry, you need to keep pace with the times. To achieve the best goal. For some marking inkjet technology, fiber laser marking machine work on production line has become a hot laser equipment. It’s fully automated.

Assembly line laser marking machine can realize the charging / discharging, without manual operation for continuous discharge. Reduce manpower, improve production efficiency. This is an absolute advantage in today’s high labor costs. Secondly, it covers a small area, and the architecture is relatively simple.

Therefore, it is suitable for small factories which are not large enough to use. It can be refitted when used, and automatic refitting of different size products can also be used.

All kinds of spherical bulbs, lamps, caps, pharmaceutical packaging boxes and other products are suitable. In the lighting industry, harmaceutical packaging industry is popular.

In addition, the assembly line laser marking machine is also suitable for electronic components laser marking. With switch panel laser marking, metal laser marking and other metal non-metallic processing, is absolutely the best choice.

Equipment characteristics

Labeling process automation, fast speed, high efficiency, anti-counterfeiting effect is significant;
The electro optic conversion efficiency is high, the volume is small. And operation cost is low, no consumables and maintenance free;
The overall performance of the equipment is stable, the light emitting system can be adjusted before and after. With up and down position, with red light focus indicator;
It is easy to operate and has wide application field. It is suitable for marking various kinds of materials;
Directly with the production line to reduce production conversion link and loading and unloading manpower. With 24 hours of continuous working ability, can meet the requirements of large-scale industrial production online;
Control software uses WINDOWS interface, supports automatic coding, variable text, serial number, batch number, date.

All kinds of bar code and two-dimensional code marking. Then it is flexibly modify according to the different needs of customer production line.

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