Fiber laser metal steel cutting machine:Charry

Fiber laser metal steel cutting machine

Fiber laser metal steel cutting machine.

Before purchasing,we need to know more about machine,not just to sell and buy.

1.How do we center nozzles to the laser beam / where are the adjusting screws?

Cause the nozzles position is fixed,no need to adjust the nozzles.

When you change the nozzles,only need to make sure it is fixed on the laser head,then the laser beam is in the center.

2.How to make sure the laser beam is in the center?

When the machine arrive at your factory,engineers install it and adjust the laser beam in the center.After that,no need to change it any more,unless the cutting edge with different effect.For example,if we cut one square,if the four sides with different effect,one is smooth,one is burn,then that means the laser beam is not in the center.

If it is not in the center,we need to adjust the laser beam,not the nozzles,there are two screws on the laser head,to adjust the two screws to make sure the laser beams is in the center.

3.Nozzles a common manufacture or your own brand?

It is Raytools,Swiss brand,autofocus laser head.All of the spare parts,we use the original brand of Raytools.
In China,almost 90-95% manufacturers use this brand,do not worry about the inconvenient.

It is easy to buy it,and we will set 10 sets nozzles free to customers,it is enough for 1-2 years using.

4.What is required when change lens?

No need to find focus when change lens,whatever the protective lens,the focus lens or Collimating lens.Only we change different material and thickness,we need to find the correct focus.

5.Do you run sheet edge detection or can you?

Yes,for the fiber laser cutting machine,the edge detection is the standard function.

6.Slat spacing on cutting tables / pallets?

50mm between each one,do not worry about the smaller pieces will drop down the machine.

There will be the collectors under the machine,it will drop into the collectors,and you can pull it out from the right side of the machine.

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