Fiber laser pipe tube cutting machine: Charry

Fiber laser pipe tube cutting machine

Fiber laser pipe tube cutting machine,after our discussion in the last posters,let us keep on it.

Sharing one new cutting video for metal pipes:

This is for round pipe cutting,also can cut square pipe and rectangle pipes,cause the sealed chunk.

According to our customers feedback,the manual chuck is better than the pneumatic chuck.

Maybe there are many suppliers told you the manual is not good,but we just believe in the customers feedback.

So we recommend you also choose the manual one.

Fiber laser pipe tube cutting machine

Today one of our Hungary customers asked me about the pipe loading,he is considering the operation.

I took one machine video to him,maybe you also has the same questions,check the following video:

Its easy to control the machine,do not need worry.

As we talked previous,for the machine operation,there are two ways usually:

Some of customers choose arrange their engineers come to our factory to have a training before the machine delivery.
Some of customers choose let our engineers go to their factory to have a training and installation after they get the machine.

And there is one more question,a little professional, the ability to find the edges of a sheet or pipe before cutting:

The cutting system has one function,before the cutting,the system with the cutting origin,so you can find the cutting edge,wherever you stop cutting,you just need to click the button of «Return zero»,the laser cutting head will return back to the cutting origin.

There is also the function of «Frame»:
Before cutting,you can use this function to have an alignment to make sure the material is enough or not, the position is okay or not.
Thats the questions from one of my Russian customer,you can take it into consideration when you choose one machine.
Following with the pipe tube laser cutting samples by our testing department:
Fiber laser pipe tube cutting machine
More details or questions you want to know,just tell me.
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