Find the agents of fiber laser cutting machine:Charry

Find the agents of fiber laser cutting machine

Find the agents of fiber laser cutting machine.

Actually, we had a further talking with our ending customers on the exhibition.Some of them want to buy the machine from local suppliers directly,so why they have the idea?

1.They are worried about the machine installation and using.
2.They worried about the machine repairing when the machine with some trouble.
3.They want an easy purchasing order in their local place,do not need import, 
Customs Clearance.
4.If they need any help,engineers need to come to their factory in time.

So the following with the details:


Like the fiber laser cutting machine,thats a bigger machine,a little difficult.

Some of our ending users do not need engineers training and installation,cause they have operated this kind of machine.But some of customers do not familiar with the machine,they need engineers to help them.

Before the machine shipping,we always let customers to choose:

Our engineers go to their factory to help them install and training(they have to pay the round tickets fees and accommodations fees). Or their engineers come to our factory to learn(they pay by themselves).

But customers always have many questions of the machine,our engineers can not go to their factories each time.


Our ending customers also ask about us: when our machine is broken down,your engineers will come to for a repairing?

Most time,we will let customers take videos ,we check the machine ,find out the problem,then to tell them how to repair by themselves. Cause the engineers overseas cost is too higher,we can not stand it.Cause we offer the best price for customers,there is not too much profit.

And our rule is that if it break down or some parts damaged(Except the human factors and the factors of force),the seller should be responsible for repair for free.

But they will ask that the time is too longer,they can not wait several days,they need several hours to repair the machine.


Some of the customers are direct,they do not want any trouble things,or they do not have the importing right,they do not like to have a talking with customs.


Your engineers can reach their factory to check the machine,but we just can use the video to check the machine,or remote control,but its not convenient.Some customers do not follow our steps to repair,there will be more problems after their changing.

After the comparison,the details, the 4 points are your advantages and chips when you had a discussion with your customers.

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Find the agents of fiber laser cutting machine



Find the agents of fiber laser cutting machine













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