Tips of metal tag laser marker’s field inspection -Jennifer

Nowadays, many of our clients, will choose to make the field inspection to check the supplier’s manufacturing ability. During this metal tag marker‘s checking process, is there something needs to pay attention? Today we will share something about this.

          Before visiting:

Firstly, we need to find the good potential cooperating suppliers. The buyers should to pick up the reliable partners among the B2B business platform. Between the price & service & factory ability & experience & Others.

Secondly, the purchaser needs to have a good experience. Taking example as us. When our clients, decide to make the field inspection in our factory, we will book hotel for our clients in advance. We will also pick up our clients at airport and high speed railway station.

         During visiting:

The major purpose of every clients to China, is to search for the good cooperators. When clients in factory, the testing is important for metal tag marker choosing. Some clients, will take their samples to see the testing effects directly. The experienced technician for testing is necessary and impartial.  It is the standard to check the manufacturer’s capacity. The marking speed & marking effects & the service ability and so on.

        After leaving:

When leaving, the responsibility’s company will give the necessary concerns for clients, and to make sure the clients’ will back to home timely.

Innovating for us means more than just implementing new ideas and making optimized products using state-of-the-art technologies. For us, real innovation is something that must be gauged in terms of production process efficiency and efficacy and must translate into direct, material benefit for our customers. As I have shown you many times, our engineer went to UK for installation and training service in UK.
Except helping clients install and training the machine, we also provide the necessary common problems summarized by our many years experience.
and both the related operating and changing the lens videos will be recorded for u.