Flying marking fiber laser:Charry

Flying marking fiber laser

Flying marking fiber laser.

Flying marking fiber laser

If you need flying marking,we need to make sure some details with you:

1.What products you want to mark? if possible,its better to send us the pictures.
2.What content you want to mark? the size of each content? its the same content to repeat marking or different content for each marking?
3.You have your own production lines? if you have it,pls let us know the speed of production lines,and the pictures of it.

More details want to make sure:

1.For products,it only need mark black color on it,no need depth on it,right?

In ABS I only need to mark in black, but in polyamide 66 I have colors like black or brown and it would need to be possible to mark in gray or white. In no case do I need Depth.

2.For your meaning,you do not have the production lines,you just need mark one piece by one piece,right?
If it is,then do not need the conveyor,cause the marking area is enough for you,you need a 200*200mm lens is okay.

We make the plates in our plant, the idea is to get the laser marker and the conveyor belt with some device that we will manufacture to be able to do a serial printing job.

3.We suggest that you send the marking files to us,and if possible,send us the material to us,we can make the testing for you,to make sure the effect,then you can buy the machine.

How do you think about it?

I enclose some examples of marking, as for the samples we can organize it to verify or obviously that we have no problems. I would like you to send me a quote with the equipment that you think may be useful and with the conveyor belt to have an idea of ​​value. After the tests may have to change the quote but at least we will have an estimate of the investment we have to do.

So If you need flying marking,contact us.