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The working principle of laser marking machine

The laser marking is with a laser beam to get permanent marks on a variety of different material surfaces.

The effect of marking is to expose the deep matter by the evaporation of the surface material,

or to «mark» the trace by the chemical and physical reactions of the surface material caused by the laser energy,

or to burn some of the material by laser energy, light to achieve the needed patterns and text.











At present, there are 2 pubic accepted principles as follows:

  1. «hot working»:

It is with a higher energy density of the laser beam (it is a concentrated energy flow), irradiating on the surface of the material being processed. The material surface absorbs laser energy and generates Thermal excitation process in the irradiation area. so that the material surface (or coating layer) temperature rise, resulting in metamorphosis, melting, ablation, evaporation and so on.

  1. «Cold processing».

It has a very high load energy (UV) photon, which can break the material (especially organic materials) or chemical bonds in the surrounding medium, Thus leading to non-thermal process damage of the material. This cold work has a special meaning in laser marking process because it is not hot ablated process, but the Cold stripping which does not produce «thermal damage» side effects and only break the chemical bond. and thus the inner and outer areas of the surface will not result in thermal deformation by heating and so on. For example, an excimer laser is used in the electronics industry to deposit a chemical film on a substrate material to form a narrow groove on the semiconductor substrate


According to the laser generator, Laser marking machine can be divided into:

Lamp pumped YAG laser marking machine










Semiconductor pumped laser marking machine









Fiber laser marking machine











CO2 laser marking machine









Mopa laser marking machine










UV laser marking machine












Green laser marking machine








Lamp pumped YAG laser marking machine and Semiconductor pumped laser marking machine are out of date nowadays.

It is with big size and heavy body, and high consumption. so they are replaced by fiber laser, co2 laser, UV laser and Green laser.

Those four types laser are occupying the whole laser market.  And fiber laser and co2 laser belong to «heat working».

But UV laser and Green laser are «cold processing»


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