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Newly Introduction of Optical Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

With the rapid development of sheet metal processing technology, the China optical fiber laser cutting processing technology is also flourishing, and the gap between us and foreign developed region is getting smaller and smaller.

Many well-known foreign-funded enterprises already transfer manufacturing base to China. Meanwhile fiber laser cutting machine also has brought a lot of innovation ideas to the sheet processing industry.

Maintenance of Optical fiber laser cutting machine

How can fiber laser cutting machine use and maintain? For the use of optical fiber laser cutting machine in the processing of objects, you need learn equipment use and maintenance skills of fiber laser cutting machine. Thus you can better play the effectiveness of equipment and take full use of improvement of equipment efficiency.

How to use and maintenance Optical Fiber laser cutting machine:

Firstly,   Check the straightness of the track and the vertical machine every six months. If find the normal maintenance, timely debug it. Otherwise it will affect the cutting effect and the error rate will increase. Therefore this should be done with top priority.
Secondly,  should use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt inside the machine once a week. All electrical cabinet should be off dust.

How to use and maintenance Optical Fiber laser cutting machine:

Thirdly, Clean up the rails  always to remove dust and other debris.  Rails should be regularly cleaned and with the oil. There is the motor whihc should also be regularly cleaned and on the oil.  With those, machine will be able to walk better with more accurate cutting.
Fourthly,  optical laser cutting head is a fragile items of optical laser cutting machine. If long-term use with no cleaning, it will result in damage of laser cutting head.
Fiber laser cutting machine needs regular inspection and maintenance. If there are deformations or other forms, it means you should realize that the laser cutting head might have a bit damage. And it needs to be replaced.If do not change it, it will affect the quality of cutting, increase costs, and some products may need also be secondary processing, thus reduce production efficiency.

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